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Epée d'étincelles / Commandeur
Epée d'étincelles / Commandeur

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Inscrit le: 15 Jan 2010
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MessagePosté le: Mar 9 Fév - 13:35 (2010)    Sujet du message: Crafting Répondre en citant

Voilà Après la mise à jour du 04/02/2010, et rééquilibrant le crafing je viens de trouver un guide plutot interessant.

Source : http://alloutassault.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=8249

Consolidated Crafting Information - updated 8/2/10
Postby ScouseSandwich » Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:38 pm
Update (4th Feb)

Cryptic Patch notes wrote:The scientists on Memory Alpha were expecting you to purchase far too many upgrades before they would allow you to speak to the next scientist. Players will now find that other scientists will unlock after purchasing a moderate amount of products (based on the item values).

A Mailbox, Exchange, and Bank have been added to Memory Alpha.

My Data is current and applies to this new patch.

I would like to thank everyone at All out Assault for getting me the materials for this trial, i couldn't have done it without my fleet members help. I would also like to thank all the kind people who replied to this thread with feed back and new helpful tips! Without your help this thread would not be as good as it is. Please feel free to contribute your research to ours, every little helps to further prove or disprove our theories.


To Start Crafting you must accept a mission from Admiral Quinn called "scientific Mandate" then you must find an NPC called E'Genn who can be found in the middle of Sol Starbase. He gives you a sample to take to Romaine at Memory Alpha. Talk to Romaine and she asks you to put the sample in a flashing console which is near her, do this, then speak to her again. the mission should now complete and you can upgrade certain stuff from her with the data samples you have collected.

There are three tiers of crafting

Tier 1:
Lt Commander Romaine (Mk II items)
Tier 2:
Ensign Marissa Roet, Engineering (Mk IV and VI items)
Zara Dren, Science (Mk IV and VI items)
Lt Commander Anichent, Tactical (Mk IV and VI Items)
Tier 3:
Lt kirayoshi O'Brien. Engineering (Mk VIII to X items)
Commander Jher Gwenn. Science (Mk VIII to X items)
Commander Sharn. Tactical (Mk VIII to X items)

The Tier 2 and Tier 3 NPC's are not exclusive to a class which this list above might imply, they simply lean towards one of the three classes each, the only items in their stores that are 'dependant' on class are the kits, for example, Marissa Roet has a variety of items in her store, engines, personal shields but she only has Engineering Kits.

Link to posters of all the items available in all the stores
(need to scroll down a bit)

There are six grades of data samples(the anomalies from space/ground), each grade being a different colour , each grade has a physical, energy and technological. To see what they all look like, look here


Getting correct grade samples you need seems to depend on the player level the area you look in was intended for, basically, the harder the area the higher grade the samples could be. For farming of samples, exploration missions seem lucrative, you just need to find a cluster that contains the grade you are looking in. Afraid i havent had the chance to look into this myself. If you know, please post a reply and i can add it in here!

1 - Radiation Sample (pinky red)
2 - Antimatter Sample (light blue)
3 - Tetryon Particle (light green)
4 - Methogenic Particle (dark blue)
5 - Tachyon Wave Signature ( funky yellow)
6 - Chronometric Wave Signature (bright purple.)

1 - Mineral Sample
2 - Biological Sample
3 - Plasma Sample
4 - DNA Sequence
5 - Exobiological Data
6 - Unidentified Sample

1 - Alien Artefact
2 - Unknown Alloy
3 - Encoded Data
4 - Genetic Sequencer
5 - Photonic Technology
6 - Technical Schematic

The only other requirement other than the different combinations of the data samples above is the base item that is going to be upgraded. E.G to make a large hypo, you need a medium hypo and 2 Radiation Samples, 2 Alien Artifacts and 2 Mineral samples. All the base items required for all tiers, all classes are common (white) items.

Getting to tier 2

To get to tier two you need to purchase enough items so their value exceeds approx 7000 Energy Credits. I did not just spam hypos, this would take a lot longer (350 medium hypos and 2100 red data samples, 700 of each) than just buying 5 Mk II phaser arrays from Romaine, (5 Phaser Mk II and as little as 75 red data samples and 30 light blue data samples). You can buy Phaser Beam Arrays Mk II from Sol Starbase. It is not dependant on the number of anomalies or the number of transactions.

There is no notification you have accomplished anything (yet), i just checked the next tier scientist every few transactions, when you have unlocked the next tier a store option is available at the NPC of the next tier. Going from tier two to tier 3 only unlocks the tier 3 scientist for that class. So buying stuff only from Tactical tier 2 will only unlock tactical tier 3

The data above has been confirmed by myself and several others now so i would be happy to say its accurate enough to satisfy everyone. the proof is in the spread sheet and in all the posts in this thread confirming the data. Everything below, though proved to a degree is still not proved enough for my satisfaction, although it is getting pretty close.

Getting to tier 3 (still under research)

I have a spreadsheet linked Here documenting everything i am spending, and all the other research i am recieving from fleet members and fellow forum posters.


"To get to tier three please red below, this is the most current data. The amounts may sound steep but the items you make are worth a lot. There is no dependency on the amount of any data sample you have given to romaine or the other scientists that can be seen from the data.

To get to tactical tier three it appear you need to buy enough items which values add up to approx 100,000.

Eng/sci items have a much higher item value than what you can get in tactical so there fore the limit in eng/sci is higher in relation to this difference. example

Mk 6 engine is worth 41500, this is the highest for tier 2 engineering
Mk 6 phaser is worth 8973, this is highest for tier 2 engineering.

these two items have basically identical data sample costs (only differ by type, not amount) but as you can see the engine is worth a lot more than the phaser. 41500/8973 gives a ratio of 4.6, it is reasonable to assume that the requirement for getting to tier three of engineering is higher by this ratio. So, the level for engineering could be approx 460,000. i am on my way to testing this theory at an item value of ~300,000 atm. I have had one case of ioguolo getting to science tier 3 by spending 400,000. which holds to this theory. The highest item value for science tier 2 is also 41500 so this theory applies here as well.

UPDATE: (6/2/2010) so i have done two independent campaigns to get to tier three, it Oleum took somewhere between 326,000 and 351,000 EC to get to tier 3 science. It took me between 317,000 and 342,000 EC to get to tier three but i had spent ~10000 EC more at tier 1 than him (because i did it before the 4th feb patch) which means it could be cumulative. either way get above 350,000 item value in sci/eng and you should get to tier three. Would love confirmation of this if possible.
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MessagePosté le: Mar 9 Fév - 13:35 (2010)    Sujet du message: Publicité

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Epée de tempête / Commodore
Epée de tempête / Commodore

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MessagePosté le: Mar 9 Fév - 15:09 (2010)    Sujet du message: Crafting Répondre en citant

C'est marrant j'ai acheté exactement 5 pahser Beam II pour passer mon Tier 2
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James Clark
Epée sonique / Lieutenant
Epée sonique / Lieutenant

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MessagePosté le: Ven 26 Fév - 15:35 (2010)    Sujet du message: Crafting Répondre en citant

Sur ce site, vous avez le détails de ce qui est possible. Pour l'instant le craft de niveau 1 et 2.
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Epée de ronces / Enseigne
Epée de ronces / Enseigne

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Inscrit le: 23 Jan 2010
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MessagePosté le: Jeu 11 Mar - 19:59 (2010)    Sujet du message: Crafting Répondre en citant

Le site du monsieur du premier sujet possède en capture d'écran l'intégralité des objets disponibles pour tous les tiers et toutes les spécialités, ce qui est très pratique pour prévoir son avancée. On retrouve un lien sur le forum officiel:


Ce qui pour moi est un problème: il faut des objets blancs mk IV ou VI, qui ne se trouve pas forcément à la vente (du moins pour ce que j'ai vu sur DS9, seules des armes sont du niveau requis). Si on est trop haut niveau il devient impossible de looter ces objets en rencontres dans l'espace (ennemis à notre niveau, dont loot à notre niveau aussi). Il me semble difficile de progresser dans le craft à partir du T2 si on a progressé trop vite.
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MessagePosté le: Aujourd’hui à 21:41 (2018)    Sujet du message: Crafting

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