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Liste de quêtes hors pack

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Inscrit le: 27 Jan 2008
Messages: 7 053
Localisation: Passerelle du Venturi
Féminin Poissons (20fev-20mar) 虎 Tigre

MessagePosté le: Sam 28 Avr - 22:48 (2012)    Sujet du message: Liste de quêtes hors pack Répondre en citant

Ca peut être pratique pour ne pas faire sans le vouloir des quêtes faisant partie des packs Smile


Free-to-Play (F2P) Quest List
All Favor amounts are listed for completing the quest on Elite difficulty. A F2P account will normally have to run the quest on Normal, then Hard, then Elite difficulty to get all favor. One third of the total favor is awarded after each. Base XP is the experience for completing the quest on Normal difficulty without any bonuses or optionals. Quests that only have a Solo difficulty are marked with (S). This table is sortable by Quest Name, Base XP, Quest Level, Total Favor, Patron, Acquired At and Bestowed By.
Quest NameBase XPQuest LevelTotal FavorPatronAcquired AtBestowed By
The Grotto (S)30410None.Shipwreck ShoreJeets
The Storehouse's Secret26016The Coin LordsKorthos VillageLinus Weir
Stopping the Sahuagin54019The Coin LordsKorthos IslandGunnar Bauerson
Sacrifices54019The Free AgentsKorthos VillageViggie Storr
Redemption54019The Coin LordsKorthos VillageUrsa Jernsvard
Necromancer's Doom32016House JorascoKorthos VillageHandsome Wilm
Heyton's Rest31316The Coin LordsKorthos VillageKaja Bauerdatter
The Collaborator699112The Coin LordsWavecrest TavernSigmund Bauerson
The Cannith Crystal22016House DeneithKorthos VillageBaldar the Bold
Walk the Butcher's Path1148212The Free AgentsStormreach HarborMistress Ahura
The Sunken Sewer49629The Coin LordsStormreach MarketplaceAurla Courson
Stop Hazadill's Shipment36426The Free AgentsStormreach HarborBaudry Cartamon
Stealthy Repossession97229The Free AgentsStormreach HarborLesto Half-Price
The Smuggler's Warehouse69429The Free AgentsStormreach HarborFitzpat the Fence
Retrieve the Stolen Goods62829The Free AgentsStormreach HarborBaudry Cartamon
Recovering the Lost Tome86229The Coin LordsStormreach HarborDalsamira Courdry
Protect Baudry's Interests40826The Free AgentsStormreach HarborBaudry Cartamon
Missing in Action51029The Coin LordsStormreach MarketplaceUlcana Braddock
Misery's Peak1420212The Free AgentsKorthos IslandAmalgam
The Miller's Debt (S)27322The Coin LordsStormreach HarborBerrigan Enge
The Kobolds' New Ringleader1244212The Coin LordsStormreach HarborGuard Jung
Information is Key980212House PhiarlanThe Leaky DinghyShir Clowenks d'Phiarlan
Garrison's Missing Pack759212The Coin LordsStormreach HarborGarrison Felmar
Durk's Got A Secret906212The Free AgentsStormreach HarborDurk the Deranged
Haverdasher36426House KundarakStormreach HarborKalimnal d'Kundarak
Bringing the Light29826The Silver FlameStormreach HarborBrother Malden
Arachnophobia (S)17322The Coin LordsStormreach HarborBerne Jorn
Where There's Smoke...93239The Free AgentsThe Cerulean HillsNash Braza
The Swiped Signet1348312The Free AgentsStormreach MarketplaceGrinwhite
Redfang the Unruled74839The Free AgentsStormreach MarketplaceBasil Tallbarrow
The Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth1060312The Coin LordsThe WaterworksGuard Tember
The Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos1348312The Coin LordsThe WaterworksGuard Tember
Kobold Assault132439The Coin LordsStormreach HarborGuard Crichton
Home Sweet Sewer (S)18232The Coin LordsStormreach HarborScrag
The Captives86839The Free AgentsStormreach HarborPearl Drumling
An Explosive Situation (S)22032The Coin LordsStormreach HarborPhilver Sharpwood
Venn's Trail: Venn's Fate88849The Coin LordsThe WaterworksGuard Tember
Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm1798412The Coin LordsThe WaterworksGuard Tember
Rest for the Restless103649House PhiarlanBogwater TavernLady Nepenthe
Proof is in the Poison2596415The Coin LordsStormreach MarketplaceRuat Acalay
Irestone Inlet1504412The Coin LordsStormreach HarborNiles Cage
Freshen the Air100149The Free AgentsStormreach MarketplaceHarven Gralak
The Depths of Despair65449House DeneithHammersmith's InnNeville Stormhammer
The Depths of Darkness80249House DeneithHammersmith's InnGiggs Elorreathi
The Lair of Summoning99659House KundarakEver Full FlagonLorridan Silvermantle
The Depths of Doom77259House DeneithHammersmith's InnKeane d'Deneith
The Depths of Discord85659House DeneithHammersmith's InnScholes of Vedykar
The Chamber of Insanity88459House KundarakEver Full FlagonKranig Stoneshield
Archer Point Defense77259The Coin LordsStormreach MarketplaceJasper Cruikshank
Ruined Halls1360612House KundarakEver Full FlagonEdvag Goodgold
Redwillow's Ruins2080615House JorascoHouse JorascoJandul d'Jorasco
Purge the Heretics650612House PhiarlanBogwater TavernInquisitor Gnomon
Mirra's Sleepless Nights760612House JorascoDrowning Sorrows TavernMirra Parthilcar
Gladewatch Outpost Defense1630612House DeneithStormreach MarketplaceLoghan d'Deneith
The Forgotten Caverns1090612House KundarakEver Full FlagonThurd Steelhand
Dead Predators650612House JorascoOpen Palm InnAcolyte Hestair
Caged Trolls820612House PhiarlanBogwater TavernAratrix d'Phiarlan
The Bounty Hunter1300615House DeneithAnvilfire InnKirstana of Fairhaven
Taming the Flames1764715House KundarakEver Full FlagonMaster Thorpe
The Tear of Dhakaan3940721House KundarakHouse PhiarlanKarnat Thaar
The Pit7780727House DeneithHouse DeneithVargus d'Deneith
Gwylan's Stand3940718House PhiarlanHouse PhiarlanCoralay d'Phiarlan
The Graverobber2020715House JorascoHouse JorascoThaddeus d'Jorasco
The Xorian Cipher4520821House JorascoHouse JorascoGatekeeper Chulkash
Stromvauld's Mine2752815House KundarakAnvilfire InnLaird Stromvauld
Stormcleave Outpost4724818House DeneithAnvilfire InnAlciana d'Deneith
The Path to Madness68989House JorascoHouse JorascoGatekeeper Chulkash
Haunted Library2956815House JorascoDrowning Sorrows TavernMenos Xuekaine
Faithful Departed2038812House PhiarlanGolden Wing InnAvanti Moonwillow
Caverns of Korromar2140815House KundarakHouse KundarakUlfgar d'Kundarak
The Church and the Cult1779915The Silver FlameHouse PhiarlanInquisitor Lightbringer
Hiding in Plain Sight*27601015The Free AgentsThe Wayward LobsterInquisitor Ingram
Tempest's Spine (Raid)64841018House JorascoHouse JorascoTalf Halfspear
Sykros' Jewel31401015House KundarakAtaraxia's HavenSykros
Reclamation23801015House KundarakAtaraxia's HavenLeros Levithas
The Spawn of Whisperdoom38791118House PhiarlanHouse PhiarlanEriephaus d'Phiarlan
Made to Order32201118House KundarakHouse KundarakHazra d'Kundarak
The Enemy Within53001124House JorascoHouse JorascoAnabele d'Jorasco
Dreams of Insanity41801118House JorascoHouse JorascoGatekeeper Trakash
Invaders!42991221The Coin LordsStormreach HarborGuard Branson
A Relic of a Sovereign Past56991221House DeneithTemple of the Sovereign HostSir Kinze MacDunnam
Diplomatic Impunity36691218The Coin LordsLordsmarch PlazaNaleen Lassite
Frame Work38791215The Coin LordsLordsmarch PlazaGavin Northus
Eyes of Stone46361218The Coin LordsLordsmarch PlazaTollis Kalmor
Mired in Kobolds24761315The Free AgentsThe TwelveSmiley Smythe
Acid Wit41321518The TwelveThe TwelveMagus Littleton
Delirium38441515The Free AgentsThe TwelveMerla Bauerdatter
Disciples of Shar39271518Purple Dragon KnightsEveningstarAbella Toth
Escape Plan31911515Purple Dragon KnightsEveningstarBarthold Moncrief
The Lords of Dust510016, 2121The Silver FlameStormreach HarborDectaran
Servants of the Overlord676616, 2121The Silver FlameStormreach HarborFelnis
The Spinner of Shadows615016, 2121The Silver FlameStormreach HarborOrex
Beyond the Rift686616, 2121The Silver FlameStormreach HarborTavnar Kronnak
In the Demon's Den41321818The Silver FlameThe Inspired QuarterUriel
Cannith Challenges####4-25126House CannithHouse CannithWalk-up
Eveningstar Challenges####15-3036Purple Dragon KnightsEveningstarWalk-up
A Study in Sable226292627Purple Dragon KnightsEveningstarWinne Harker
Brothers of the Forge178592827House CannithHouse CannithTalbron Tewn
Total230,803+ XP123 Quests1385 Favor
*Hiding in Plain Sight can currently be accessed by Free-to-Play players, in spite of being the prerequisite quest for The Twilight Forge adventure pack.
Total Favor per PatronThe Coin LordsThe Free AgentsHouse CannithHouse DeneithHouse JorascoHouse KundarakHouse PhiarlanPurple Dragon KnightsThe Silver FlameThe Twelve

Favor for Agents of ArgonnessenThe Yugoloth and The Harpers can only be gained through purchasing Adventure Packs.
Since update 12, House Cannith favor can be earned in Challenges with free "daily menu" tokens.
[edit]Can this game actually be played without spending a dime?
RoBi3.0's Free to Play Guide. Everything you need to know to get the most out of this game. Credit goes to everyone who contributed in this thread on the official forums.
Yes, you can play this game for free! However, it is very time consuming to do so and most people will pay for content instead of grinding the favor system for Turbine Points (TP) to pay for content.
Some quick math to confirm:
Currently there are 89 free to play quests in game (Including The Grotto which gives 0 Favor) and the U12 House Cannith Challenges. These quests provide 1263 favor. That is enough favor to unlock Server favor up to the 5th tier which will give you 250 TP. Do this on every server and you get a total of 1750 TP. Free quests will also give enough favor to earn you 250 TP through per-character favor rewards. A F2P player gets 2 character slots on each server, so if you do this on every server you will get 3500 TP. Combine that with the 1750 we totaled earlier and you get 5250 TP, from grinding 100% free content. You can then use those TP to purchase Adventure Packs which you can then grind to earn more points.
Then of course there is the option of rerolling which can provide more TP and will only be limited by your willingness to keep rerolling.

Nous allons là où nul autre n'ose s'aventurer ! Nous nous tenons sur le pont et nul ne passe !

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MessagePosté le: Sam 28 Avr - 22:48 (2012)    Sujet du message: Publicité

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Epée de feu / Amiral
Epée de feu / Amiral

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Inscrit le: 23 Avr 2010
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Masculin Gémeaux (21mai-20juin) 兔 Lapin

MessagePosté le: Dim 29 Avr - 00:03 (2012)    Sujet du message: Liste de quêtes hors pack Répondre en citant

Merci pour la liste !

Après de ce que j'ai crû remarqué par rapport aux quêtes hors pack que l'on fait depuis le lvl 5-8, elles m'ont l'air d'être souvent situé en auberge. Mais à vérifier sait-on jamais !
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Epée de foudre / Vice-Amiral
Epée de foudre / Vice-Amiral

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Inscrit le: 08 Mar 2009
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Localisation: Saint Xandre ; 17
Féminin Verseau (20jan-19fev) 虎 Tigre

MessagePosté le: Dim 29 Avr - 09:17 (2012)    Sujet du message: Liste de quêtes hors pack Répondre en citant

Bin j'ai fait comme lNefy, j'ai pris toutes les quêtes dans les auberges Smile
Merci pour cette info!
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Epée sonique / Lieutenant
Epée sonique / Lieutenant

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Inscrit le: 30 Nov 2011
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MessagePosté le: Dim 29 Avr - 11:09 (2012)    Sujet du message: Liste de quêtes hors pack Répondre en citant

Les 3 quêtes de Lordsmarch Plaza forment une série (qu'on ne peut, de mémoire, pas prendre en cours de route).
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MessagePosté le: Aujourd’hui à 23:52 (2018)    Sujet du message: Liste de quêtes hors pack

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